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26 year old girl with too much time on her hands.

I’ve sorted out 25 postcard sets and am currently in the process of wrapping them all! Yes, I may be slightly masochistic. They will be up for sale this weekend, stay tuned :D
Look at this glorious pile of postcards that just arrived :D these will be made into sets, and will keep a nice pile to add to orders :) #postcardaddict #postcards
Yup, I’m on ello too! Feel free to add me :) @ ellenwilberg
Note to self: aceos are very fun and relaxaing. Do more of them. (Since someone always asks: the gold is daler rowney gouache :) ) #watercolor #gouache #painting #aceo #gold
A quick warm up sketch this fine Saturday evening! #sketching #sketch #drawing #brushpen #pencil #doodle
Just 5 days left of my etsy sale! Use code HELLOSEPTEMBER at checkout to get 30% off your entire order :) Ellenwilberg.etsy.com
Warm up aceo! Excuse the bent paper, water does that :p #aceo #painting #gouache #watercolor

"Comfort"Watercolor, gouache and ink4x6”
Ellen Wilberg, 2014


Watercolor, gouache and ink

Ellen Wilberg, 2014

Next week is October, and I plan to take part in inktober for the first time! Consider this a warm-up :p there is also just one week left of my etsy sale! #drawing #ink #blackandwhite #brushpen #moleskine

Copycat Violence artists collectives first show, Irrelevant Roots at Thumbprint Gallery in San Diego! We also had some sales on opening night :D